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You are actually what's wrong with the world.

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Tired of only complaining about
esoteric and nuanced topics?

What really have
you done

The world is absolutely going to shit, very quickly.
Are you making it better or just telling people they are wrong?

You're Watching The World End

Strange and violent weather patterns, unexplained invasions of privacy, a litany of confusing wars and conflicts, full-frontal assaults on free media, nationalism rising, overpopulation, public health crises, platforms of mood maniuplation, social media quarrels, and more!

Do Something!'s all your fault.

New Movement Party

We're calling the cops on political parties.

Who We Are

Vagabonds, dropouts, revolutionaries, who your father wanted to be, and who your mother wished you were.

When we accept the problems we have created as being our fault, we will cease to blame those in charge. Instead, we can blame ourselves, for being so fucking stupid, literally this entire time.

How Your Laziness Is Unethical

How you probably engage
to fix our problems.

  • Arguments on social media75%
  • Supporting populist canindates82%
  • Reducing all problems to vague conspiracies65%
  • Creating and sharing vaguely racist memes42%
  • Actually doing something1%

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Strong and illustrious examples
of where
you look weak as fuck.

Space Exploration

Most people can't even name a Martian rover. How the fuck are we going to survive World War 3 as a species if we don't have Mars colonized? You probably don't even care, or would rather just mention there's already problems on Earth to solve. Figures!

Far-Reaching Political Corruption

Corporations, banks, billionaires and lobbyists in governments around the world have both captured and corrupted our elected officials. Good job! Your parents let this happen over the past 30 years. Thank your mom and dad tonight for voting along their family values! After all, they made you, who has done nothing about it. Congratulations!

Science Denial

Even with scientists explaining a particular phenomenon with facts, people instead change the definition of what is truthful, to fit their private agendas. People also hijack the very definition of science and use it to push their own propoganda! You're probably guilty of this, too.

The Fucking Atmosphere

Since the world lacks a global jurisdiction, nobody is required to give a fuck about how we're literally destroying our thin and sensitive atmosphere. Who knew shitting toxic chemicals into the open air to meet the demands of seven billion people would shit right back on our chests? Again, you, probably.

Your values are
just all fucked up.

Some activities of selfish shit you would probably rather do.


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Every moment is a new chance to be overwhelmed by all of the injustices and problems of the world. Share with us your own unique story about how you've done nothing to help anything get better. For too long have politicians promised us solutions to our problems, instead of holding us accountable. We're not holding our breaths. You probably won't budge. Now is the time to reckon with the real enemy: you!

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We exist exclusively on the internet because this entire site is a joke. We are not a real political party. You just thought we are because you're angry with us for blaming you, and now you want to find out who's behind this. Guess what, your inaction inspired us to make this. So just, you know, do nothing about it. As you usually do.

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